STEAM Industrial & Engineering Company (herein after called Steam I&E ) private joint stock, is that each of its employees shall be provided with a safe and healthy place in which workshop or construction site. To achieve the policy, management will make every reasonable effort in areas of accident prevention, hazard control and removal, injury protection and health preservation to every practical extent. These aspects of working conditions will be given top priority in company plants procedures, programs and job instruction. In conjunction with this policy, a series of safe working rules and procedures on specific individual Health, Safety and Environmental matters has been established by Steam I&E and is issued to employees. Employees are instructed in these procedures. These rules are of primary in both an individual and shared responsibility of all employees there by providing opportunities for all provide a means for safety issues to be raised and resolved. Accident prevention is strongly emphasized. The reporting of hazardous conditions is essential at any location where you are required to work by Steam I&E. Employees must ensure that they are not being exposed to dangers, which could result in injury. If they are, they should immediately contact their supervisor. The success of our safety policy and program ultimately rests on the willingness of every one to co-operate and work collectively with a team spirit and with open channels of communication.

Kh.Matoorian Pour

Managing Director