STEAM Procurement Department which has been teamed up with a group of well-educated experts, set up in special technical disciplines, as a collection of knowledge and experiences can provide a full range of professional procurement services from A to Z to supply the goods not only for its projects, also for other companies. Our Procurement Team with a good understanding of the project details and conditions can literally assist and serve projects with practical solution via a chain of reliable manufacturers, shipping agents, procurement engineers, QC teams, customs brokers,… Believing that procurement phase is critical for the successful execution and completion of every project, our mission is to support project managers for this purpose by supplying their requirements in the shortest delivery time with appropriate quality and a competitive price which will cause the project to be more economical. The scope of our services are not just limited to the above, we can also cover foreign companies in case of smooth communication with Iranian banks/clients providing with some credits, local/ foreign suppliers, local financial facilities, local manpower and team, clearance for import and local shipment with the aim of decrease whole project charges. Therefore we collaborate as a reliable local partner for procurement of such cases. We are continuously enhancing our team abilities by live product sourcing, insight of latest market development and industry trend, augment of professional business knowledge and striving towards improvement. Giving added-value services to support projects through market uncertainly and challenges come out as our company desire.