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Tabriz- Construction of Storage Tank

STEAM Projects

Project code:  010
Contract Award Date:  1995
Project Name:   Construction of Storage Tank
Client:   Tabriz Petrochemical Company (T.P.C)
Location:   Tabriz
Construction of Storage Tank for offsite, Line-F of Tabriz Petrochemical Complex with M/S Steam Engineering and Industrial Company
Construction of Following Tanks: 50-TK-103, 50-TK-402 A/B, 50-TK-403, 51-TK-113 A/B, 51TK-114,51-TK-311 A/B,51-TK-312 A/B, 52-TK-121/122/ 123, 53-TK-131 A/B 132, 133 A/B, 134 A/B, 135 ( TOTAL No.23 Nos)
Project Duration:  6 Months