STEAM Services


STEAM collaborates with their client counterparts to develop integrated solutions that include engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, maintenance and project management. Our internal systems and processes are designed to let the different disciplines act as a single, highly effective unit. This allows our managers and engineers to become as flexible as possible and respond quickly to the Client’s needs. We assure our clients to achieve timely delivery with paramount consideration for the health, safety and environmental during project execution.


STEAM Services

STEAM engineers are qualified specialists in their respective fields of expertise. They work every day to build comprehensive, integrated solutions by applying value engineering methods and ensuring economically profitable project results for Clients satisfaction. Our teams are composed of engineers who have worked on multiple projects in diverse industries. STEAM engineerings mainly are based in Tehran office, giving support to Clients regardless of location. We have the in-house multi-discipline expertise and relevant competence in various industrial domains which help us cater to our Client’s requirements in today’s dynamic market. Our key engineering services portfolio includes:

  • Architecture, Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Equipment, HVAC Engineering
  • Piping Engineering
  • Fire Protection
  • Packaging Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Telecom Engineering
  • Security Services


STEAM Services

STEAM Procurement Department which has been teamed up with a group of well-educated experts, set up in special technical disciplines, as a collection of knowledge and experiences can provide a full range of professional procurement services from A to Z for supplying the goods not only for its projects but also for other companies.
Our Procurement Team with a good understanding of the project details and conditions can literally support projects with the feasible solution via a chain of reliable manufacturers, shipping agents, procurement engineers, QC teams, and customs brokers.

Believing that procurement phase is critical for the successful execution and completion of every project, our mission is to support project managers for this purpose by supplying their requirements in the shortest delivery time with appropriate quality and a competitive price which will cause the project to be more economical.
The scope of our services are not just limited to the above, we can also cover foreign companies in case of smooth communication with Iranian banks/clients providing with some credits, local/ foreign suppliers, local manpower and team, clearance for import and local shipment with the aim of decrease whole project charges. Therefore we collaborate as a reliable local partner for procurement of such cases.
We are continuously enhancing our team abilities by active product sourcing, an insight of the latest market development and industry trend, augment of professional business knowledge and striving towards improvement. Giving added-value services to assist projects through market uncertainty and challenges comes out as our company desires.

Construction & Pre-commissioning

STEAM Services

STEAM Construction team work closely with our Engineering team so our clients can be sure that they are well supported on the site. It is the policy of our company to comply with all required Construction Services in every project in full compliance with contractual commitments, applicable regulatory standards and recognized and sound engineering practices in a way that protects and preserves health, safety, environment and welfare.
All aspects related to project construction include work management, contract administration, labour relations, resource planning and monitoring, storage and material handling.  STEAM allocates dedicated work crews for each discipline in the Construction team. Our work experience includes:

  • Preparation of temporary sites/facilities
  • Building
  • Prefabrication & installation of structures
  • Civil and concrete works
  • Assembly &installation of mechanical equipment
  • Heavy lifting
  • Assembly of modular structures
  • Prefabrication & installation of Piping
  • Prefabrication & installation of HVAC
  • Testing & Pre-commissioning

Fabrication of Steel Structure

STEAM Services

Considering market demand for fabrication of steel structures, Steam Company established a factory to develop its activities in Assaluyeh, Pars Special Economic Zone with full range of services from shop drawing, material supply, cutting, drilling, assembly, welding, blasting, painting to installation.

This factory has one production line, fully equipped with an automatic German CNC machine and other required tools and machineries for the capacity of 18000Ton per year.

Renovation and Maintenance

STEAM Services

With engineering expertise and know-how accumulated within the company over the years, we developed our services to operation upgrade, debottlenecking, and trouble-shooting for the plants by adding value to the Project in the following respects:

  • Process Improvements
  • Improvement of Utility System
  • Improvements in Equipment
  • Energy Saving Approach
  • Environmental Improvement
  • R &M Consulting Service

Renovation & maintenance of Abouzar onshore Crude oil Unit , also fuel system  of Ahwaz  Power plant could be  reference projects.

Project Management

STEAM Services

STEAM offers integrated services including Project Management which has the responsibility of handling all resources, scope, time, costs, risks, communications, procurement, contracts, quality, and stakeholders. These activities are performed with the support of management systems, which guarantee timely and accurate decision-making to the accomplishment of project objectives. All of this occurs within a specific and well developed framework, considering different reference and best practices worldwide in the Engineering and Construction sectors mainly for oil and gas field. Within the Project Management scope of work, STEAM can develop integrated management systems for follow-up purposes and for the control of operating and financial activities. The primary functions of the Project Management Office are:

  • Timely execution of project scope
  • Preparation of Progress and Budget control
  • Identification of WBS elements/items or Work Packages, which allows for an effective cost and project schedule control
  • Preparation and financial planning follow-up and project’s physical progress and timed expenditures
  • Effective Communications/Correspondence with all project stakeholders (Contractors/Suppliers)
  • Coordination with contractors and inspection team for quick collection of project progress data
  • Handling of project changes, including quality requirements, scope and deviations (cost/time),
  • Daily, weekly & monthly project report preparation


STEAM Services

Certificate of Contracting Competency

The STEAM competency is announced for performing contacting works as follows:

  • Class 1 for installation and equipment
  • Class 1 Construction and Building
  • Class 1 In Oil and Gas sector &Sub Field of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical refineries and Oil and gas production
  • Class 4 in Industry and Mine
  • Class 5 in Power Industry
  • Class 5 in Road & Transportation

The Industrial Management Institution EPC rating Certificates:

  • Grade D+ (in oil, Gas and Petrochemical Sector)
  • Grade C (in Industrial and mining Sector)


  • Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering and Construction Companies
  • Iran Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Association
  • Tehran Chamber of Commerce
  • French – Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry